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Our Products

Residential & Architectural: Breathe life into your living space with our extensive range of residential paints. From classic hues to trendy colors, we offer endless possibilities to match your unique style. Whether revamping your entire home or refreshing a single room, BLP Mobile Paints has everything you need.

Industrial: We specialize in custom-formulated & industrial coatings that solve our customer’s challenges. It’s what makes us different… and better… than the one-size-fits-all approach.

OEM Coating: We understand the specific needs of industrial manufacturers. BLP’s industrial OEM coatings are formulated for superior performance and durability, ensuring a lasting finish for your OEM products.

Marine Coating: Keep your vessels looking their best and protected from the harsh elements with our high-performance marine coatings. BLP’s time-tested formulas ensure your boat or ship can weather any storm.

Stains & Varnishes: Enhance the natural beauty of your wood surfaces with our premium stains and varnishes. BLP offers a variety of options to protect and highlight the unique character of your wood.

Sundries and Equipment: BLP doesn’t stop at paint! We also provide all the essential supplies to get the job done right, from brushes and rollers to drop cloths and applicators.

Historic Mobile Colors: Steeped in tradition, BLP offers a curated selection of historic Mobile colors. Bring a touch of the past to your project and celebrate the unique architectural heritage of our city.