SmoothCote® Our Best Interior

Vinyl Acrylic Latex SemiGloss Enamel

A high quality vinyl acrylic latex semigloss enamel for interior surfaces. Lead, mercury and chromate free.

For industrial, commercial and residential use as a durable, economical semigloss enamel on interior plaster, wallboard, wood, properly primed metal, or masonry. For homes, apartments, condominiums, warehouses, commercial buildings and factories.

Smooth-Cote® Interior Latex Semi-Gloss Enamel provides a durable, washable, easy to maintain and attractive finish. Easy to apply, fast drying, low odor and water thinned. Provides a non toxic film with excellent color retention. An excellent maintenance finish. Lead, mercury and chromate free. Low VOC.

White, Bone White and a wide range of colors produced from tint bases using the Color Studio System. Refer to Color Studio System for color selection.

Finish: SemiGloss

Product Data Safety Data
290-16 Super White p290 sds290-xx
290-17 Super White p290 sds290-xx
290-10 Tinting White p290 sds290-xx
290-30 Deep Base p290 sds290-xx
290-40 Clear Base p290 sds290-xx

Our Best – Interior Latex SemiGloss Enamel