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Latex Flat Wall Paint

A durable, quality flat latex wall finish for interior walls and ceilings. Lead, mercury and chromate free.

For industrial, commercial and residential use as a flat finish on properly prepared plaster, wallboard, wood, metal, or masonry. For homes, apartments, condominiums, warehouses, commercial buildings and factories.

SmoothCote® Interior Latex Flat Wall Paint provides a durable, economical, easy to maintain and attractive finish. Easy to apply, fast drying, low odor and water thinned.

An excellent maintenance finish. Lead, mercury and chromate free. Low VOC. White, Ceiling White and a wide range of colors produced from tint bases using the Color Studio System. Refer to Color Studio System for color selection.

Product Data Safety Data
289-17 Super White p289 sds289-xx
289-23 Ceiling White p289 sds289-xx
289-10 Tinting White p289 sds289-xx
289-30 Deep Base p289 sds289-xx
289-40 Clear Base p289 sds289-xx

Our Best – Interior Latex Flat