The Southernized Coating Specialists

In 1921, Mobile Paint Manufacturing Company Inc. was formed with the express purpose of manufacturing superior quality coatings specifically formulated for outstanding durability in the harsh demands of a southern climate.  Originally located on the third floor of a building on the waterfront in Mobile, Alabama, the company had one salesman and few other employees.

The Company founders understood the unique demands of tropical and semi-tropical climates, and Mobile Paint products conformed to far higher standards than those produced for nationwide application. After only three years, additional sales and manufacturing space was needed for the expanding company. An old bank building was converted to meet this need and, a year later, the old Mobile Varnish Works plant was acquired. Manufacturing operations were consolidated there in 1934. The following year the company opened its first BLP Mobile Paint retail store.

In 1975, Mobile Paint Company moved to its present location, a 200,000 square-foot manufacturing facility located in Theodore, Alabama.


History has it that the beginning of Mobile Paint Manufacturing Company was so modest that the paint was sold one day and produced the next.

Taking advantage of today’s technology and utilizing the diversity of the company, Mobile Paint is using its capabilities to manufacture various size batches of paint to exact standards enabling it to meet the individual requirements of its multitude of customers.

Increased production and sales necessitated a major expansion and modernization project soon after the facility’s completion in 1975, increasing both manufacturing and warehouse space.

Technology guarantees that each batch of BLP Mobile Paint meets exact specifications, while computerized inventory control assures prompt, accurate handling of orders.

Each product in the Mobile Paint line is manufactured to exact standards which today, as in the past reflects an uncompromising commitment to quality.


BLP Stores
Twelve Retail Stores in the South

200 Independent Retail Dealers

Industrial Division
Services municipal and federal government requirements and customizes painting systems for all types of Industrial needs.

All Vessels
Pleasure-WorkBoat-Ocean Going

Puerto Rico
Serves the Caribbean and Central and South America

Foreign Distribution is supplemented by Mobile Paint International Corporation, a subsidiary that exports Mobile Paint products to Asia and Europe

Quality Control

Commitment to quality continues at Mobile Paint Manufacturing Company.  Our research and development staff is armed with sophisticated new technology.

The state-of-the-art computer system compares every batch of paint produced to an internal standard, guaranteeing color stability from one batch to the next.  The system allows from custom mixing of pigments to match virtually any color.

Mobile Paints industrial coatings, such as those used on boilers or smokestacks, must withstand extreme heat.  They are tested up to 1,200°F, using a variable temperature oven or muffle furnace.

Mobile Paint formulas undergo extensive tests prior to being added to the company’s line of quality coatings.  Such testing enables research chemists to formulate coatings that resist mold and mildew – as well as other weather related problems such as cracking and peeling – while maximizing color and gloss retention.

The salt fog cabinet is used primarily to test metal finishes and primers under specifications set by the American Standards Testing method.  While no accelerated testing is directly related to actual exposure, 150 or 200 hours in the cabinet is comparable to a year’s outside exposure.  In the case of high performance epoxy coating for an offshore rig, for example, fog cabinet testing runs up to 5,000 hours.